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Conditions That Require Physical Therapy


Many things could happen to seniors due to their health conditions and other factors. And senior care may require services such as mobility assistance and rehabilitation. People must realize the importance of PT to senior health.

Physical therapy helps you recover from a traumatic event and prevents you from aggravating your injuries. It also improves mobility and balance and reduces chronic pain.

And here are some conditions that require a physical therapist:

  • Stroke
    Rehabilitation can help people who have gone through a stroke in many ways. They will undergo motor-skill exercises, mobility training, constraint-induced therapy, and range-of-motion therapy. Seniors may also need extensive home health in Pennsylvania for assistance and health monitoring.
  • Bone fractures
    Physical therapy can improve your mobility after wearing casts and slings. It helps improve your walking, reaching, and grasping. Some modalities may also aid you in pain management.
  • Amputation
    Losing a limb creates a big impact on a person’s way of life. Therapy will help them restore functional abilities, muscle strength, and flexibility. An occupational therapist can help you adapt to daily life with or without prosthetics.

And if you require assisted living in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, for the said conditions, always remember that you can count on us . Regal Home Health Care can provide your home health needs whenever needed.

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