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Home Health Care Services Covered by Medicare


If you have an aging loved one who is in need of medical assistance but refuses to go to senior care centers, our assisted living in Bensalem, Pennsylvania might be a good recovery option for them.

Our senior care encompasses a myriad of services to fit the needs of seniors at every stage in life. Some of our main objectives include ensuring safety, maximizing wellness, and promoting independence.

Here are the different types of home health aide services that are qualified for medicare:

  • Professional Nurse Care
    Our full-time registered nurses provide nursing care 24 hours a day, and their duties include dispensing medication, tube feeding, health assessments, and injections. They could also help with the patient’s meals and setting up a doctor’s appointment.
  • Therapy Services
    Seniors need different kinds of treatment for different ailments in their body, including physical, occupational, and mental therapies that are covered by our home health in Pennsylvania. If an elderly just got surgery from acquiring an injury, they will undergo physical and occupational therapy, while mental therapies are for them to unpack their emotions or if they are struggling with mental health conditions.
  • Personal Assistance
    Due to physical inability, some senior patients suffer from doing even regular tasks like taking a bath, doing the laundry, or cooking. The medicare of our Regal Home Health Care covers home health aides that provide daily living assistance to make things more convenient and safe for your loved one. You’ll be worrying less about how they handle their grocery or if they are taking their medicine consistently.

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