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Tips to Prevent Malnutrition Among Seniors


According to the National Library of Medicine, malnutrition ranges from 12% to 50% among the hospitalized elderly population and 23% to 60% among institutionalized older adults. These numbers sound alarming, but through senior care, you can help your senior loved ones from being malnourished. Begin with these simple steps below.

  • Start with healthy food choices
    Are your elderly loved ones great fans of eating fruits and vegetables? If so, load up their meals with these healthy food choices and cut their intake of solid fats, sugars, and alcoholic beverages. Caregivers that offer personal care can also assist with preparing healthy meals for your loved ones.
  • Encourage healthy snacking
    Some seniors love snacking, and the only way you can get them to eat is to encourage healthy snacking. Instead of eating processed foods, substitute sugar with fruits and junk foods with snacks loaded with nutritional value. Healthy snacking is crucial for their overall health and development.
  • Involve them in social activities
    Some seniors lose their appetite because they are often eating alone. Join your loved ones and make eating a social activity for them. If they are receiving home health in Pennsylvania, caregivers can assist seniors if they want to have lunch at their friend’s house. Eating is a great time to bond with loved ones, too!

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