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Getting Motivation to Undergo Physical Therapy


Clients under home health in Pennsylvania may need physical therapy. Physical injuries and other medical conditions may disable their ability to be independent everywhere. Physical therapy is the best way to improve function, mobility, and independence. However, some may need more motivation to undergo such.

As a community of assisted living in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, it is disheartening if our clients have no motivation to try therapy. However, we have some ways to help our clients be motivated with physical therapy.

  • Encourage them to celebrate any progress.
    Recovery does not happen in an instant. Physical therapy is a slow process that allows muscles or nerves to learn how to recover. For clients under senior care, we celebrate little progress that they have, so they may feel motivated to see more progress under therapy.
  • Look for the right therapist.
    Sometimes, the right therapist can make clients feel motivated and work hard. Having a physical therapist who is encouraging, nurturing, and professional is comforting.
  • Imagine the goal of reaching recovery.
    Recovery is always the end goal of therapy, whether it may be partial or complete. Allow your loved one to picture a fully-recovered life if they feel demotivated about treatment.

If your loved one needs a physical therapist, occupational therapist, or speech therapist in Pennsylvania, you can contact us at Regal Home Health Care. We are always ready to help and motivate your loved one to achieve recovery.

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