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Ways for Seniors to Move More Daily


Movement is an essential part of life; from getting up in bed to opening doors to running towards the closing doors of a train, we are constantly moving or in motion. It is how we accomplish our daily activities. Without movement, there is no progress. That is why, here at Regal Home Health Care, we make sure that seniors get to move more daily by helping them exercise!

As a provider of assisted living in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, we like to make sure that each elderly person is having a grand time while they receive proper care and treatment from our team of highly skilled professionals who are ready to provide them aid as they go through their daily lives, ensuring they are safe and healthy. Below are a few ideas for how seniors can incorporate exercise into their routine:

  • Light exercise as they watch television.
  • Tinkering around the backyard or garden
  • Walking to places nearby instead of driving
  • Going up the stairs instead of going in the elevator
  • Exercise with your dog by walking them.

Assisting seniors in their daily activities, such as exercising, is just one of our many home health aide services! We can also help them maintain personal hygiene, keep their residence clean through light housekeeping, and be their companion at their important appointments.

Older adults must live their golden years in the healthiest way possible. By offering senior care, we advocate for them to engage in active aging as much as possible so that they have optimum overall well-being.

We believe that everyone deserves to live a great life where they are not only physically fit but also mentally engaged and connected with the community. With that, you are more than welcome to ask us for more details on home health in Pennsylvania!


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